Changing Consumer Habits Of Wal Mart

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Changing Consumer Habits Consumer spending habits have altered radically since the 1990s when Wal-Mart first saw huge growth in its sales and market share. In the 1990s, the use of online shopping was still in its infancy and mobile shopping was not prevalent until the late 1990s and early 2000s (Merchant, 2011). Online retail shopping has become increasingly common among consumers, and among online retail shoppers, increasing numbers of consumers are using mobile devices (Siwicki, 2014). In the 2013 holiday season, mobile shopping using a smartphone or tablet accounted for about 20 percent of e-commerce sales (Egol & Hodson, 2013). In comparison, in July of 2014, 56 percent of online retail shopping occurred through the use of a smartphone or tablet (Siwicki, 2014). While Wal-Mart offers, this platform has not kept pace with the demand for it, and Wal-Mart has not taken full advantage of the chance to create applications for mobile devices to allow and encourage consumer spending.
Changes That Need to Be Made at Wal-Mart Dr. John Kotter suggests an eight-step process for creating change in an organization. The first step entails establishing a sense of urgency, because before members of an organization will be motivated to adopt the changes, they must first understand the need for the change in a way that emphasizes the urgency to take action to address the problem. The second step is to form a powerful coalition, which means getting key people in the…

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