Changing Environment Of Women 's Rights And The Paradox Of Sexual Freedom

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Changing Environment in relation to sex and relationshi Although the popular talk of women rights and freedom in the society does help women in certain degree to develop a sense of control and success in recent years, the topics of sex and relationships remain controversial and shameful to talk about. In “Selections from Hard to Get: Twenty-something Women and the Paradox of Sexual Freedom”, Leslie Bell discovers in her experiments and interviews that despite the choices of freedom and exploration modern women have, they are even more confused than before with too many choices. This confusion results in the problems of dealing with the connection between good sex and successful relationships. The cognitive consciousness of these women…show more content…
However, the environmental influences also enforce the society to face the danger of falling into chaos resulted from the unstable public voices about sexuality over time and the bias toward sex and relationships. Public voices, as the guidance of the majorities’ perceptions and behaviors, represent the power and importance of the social environment affecting people’s cognitive process in cultural, political, and economical aspects; however, the unstable public voices could result in chaos, when the public voices become prejudicial. In the Goetz shooting case during 1980s in New York, Gladwell elaborates the remissive reactions of the social media and citizens,and the final charges of the case after Goetz turned himself in. Goetz “was treated as a hero, a man who had fulfilled the secret fantasy of every New Yorker who had ever been mugged or intimidated or assaulted on the subway (150)”. Even the charges of Goetz was given with ease. These reactions are the result of influences of the social environment during that period. Under the recession in the United States in 1980s, which lead to mass loss of job opportunities, the economic environment generated the increase population of some homeless who, for some reasons, became potential muggers, thieves, even murderers. This environmental influence might be the origin of people’s embracing of Goetz at that time. As the petty theft on the subways increased, the physical environment on the subway such as the
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