Changing Faces Within The Workforce

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Diverse Workforce Through recent years society as well as the labor force have taken notice in regards to the acceptability of having a diversified workforce. During the course of recent years it has been said that populace unwittingly hypothesized that “by allowing diversity, our nation could suffer financial liability rather than an economic strength,” a view point that was seen by some, but not by all. It becomes clear and concise that diversity isn’t just the color of a person’s skin; it also goes into gender, national origins, weight of a person, sexual orientation, and religion to name a few. As a leader, ensuring that all employees receive a fair and equitable evaluation may be a challenge for some; this has been recognized as a crucial part of the overall success of any establishment or corporation. Changing faces within the workforce Before anyone can truly understand the issues surrounding diversity within our workforce, it is safe to say that they have to understand the meaning. Workforce diversity is defined as diversity amongst employees that represents both a challenge and opportunity for business. Today, the U.S. workforce is as diverse as it has ever been, and it is becoming even more so (Lawrence & Weber, 2014). Some of the diversity we are seeing are as followed, but not limited to: • More women are working than ever before: Married women, those with young children and older women, in particular, have greatly increased their participation in
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