Changing Families and the Impact on Surrounding Systems

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The changing composition of the family unit in the United States has been attributed to several factors including historical events, changing cultural values, economic trends, and government policies. There is a reciprocal impact between the changes that have occurred in each of these major systems. Several theories have been presented in an attempt to explain events that occur in both micro and macro social systems. With regard to the family unit, many theories could be applied to explain changes that have transpired. However, two that are particularly relevant and useful in this area are role theory and feminist theory. This paper will explore each of these theories and their application to the evolution of the family system. In…show more content…
At the time it was very scary not to mention shameful because this just didn’t happen to girls I knew. My parents tried to force the issue of marriage but I couldn’t bring myself to do it because it was not the best relationship. I didn’t value the institution of marriage above my own well being. It was a really tough time but it turned out for the best.
2. Can you identify factors that influenced decisions that you made as you began your families? Ofelia:
I made decisions because of what I thought was expected. Things I was taught about religion and everything else around me told me that I should get married and raise a family. I thought my main job in life was to be a good wife and mother.
My decisions were made around what I thought was best for myself. I knew that the relationship I had was not good, but I was not going to give up my child because of it. People wanted me to consider adoption, but I knew I could do it by myself. As hard as it was, I knew it was the right thing to do.
3. What are your thoughts about the current state of the family in America? Is it better or worse today?
I think it’s worse today. There are too many divorces and I don’t think it’s good for kids. People get divorced instead of working out their problems. We didn’t have it easy but at least we worked through our problems because to us our family was the most important thing.
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