Changing Landscape of Health Care Essay

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Changing Landscape of Health Care Health Care Consumer Trends and Marketing HCS/490 June 16, 2014 Eboni Green Changing Landscape of Health Care The face of health care is ever changing, and constantly improving the way the consumer receives their treatments. New technology has made these changes possible and has provided health care facilities all over the world with equipment that can change the lives of the consumer for the better. The way that health care staff members handle these new changes can be somewhat of a challenge, but through proper training, education, and information, these health care providers can make the transition smoother. The shifts that are taking place in health care today are that from a…show more content…
Instead of visiting their physician for a simple test like a blood pressure or weight check, a device controlled by the patient can record these measurements and transmit the data to their physician through the digital cloud.” (Khan, F. Feb.2014). These devices also help the provider monitor the patient’s progress. In my last class, my teammates and I did some research on telemedicine; which is also new and progressing, for those seniors who can communicate with their providers without leaving their homes. EMR (electronic medical records) are another thing leading the way to change and how information can be shared from provider to provider to offer safer and faster health care services. Patients have access to their medical records for viewing and making necessary changes. All of these new technologies will make health care more efficient for not only the consumer but the providers as well; giving the provider more free time to spend with the patient instead of under a lot of paperwork. There are many challenges along the way that will slow down the progress of the changing landscape of health care. The new implications of these technologies have to be done in a way that is successful for the organization. Training and education of health care staff members will take time. Not everyone will even agree with the new changes and make it harder for
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