Changing Leadership Roles

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Changing Leadership Roles Formal leadership structures have been the preferred structure since the beginning of the industrial era. Old paradigms are changing and informal leadership structures are beginning to emerge. At times modern leaders perform in an informal manner while still retaining their formal leadership roles. Collaborative management is beginning to play a key role in the public health organizations. This research will explore a developing trend between using both formal and informal leadership structure in public health care organizations. The CDC is a public health organization responsible for analyzing disease trends, and taking measures to protect the citizens from these threats. The CDC operates on both a macro and a grassroots level. The formal leadership structure within the CDC is much like any other Federal level agency. Various departments are assigned specific tasks. The organization is also divided according to geographic location. Within the organization a formal leadership structure exists, but it is beginning to branch into communities and partner with other organizations such as churches and community service organizations. Often these partnerships take the form of informal leadership as far as the CDC is concerned. They typically initiate the program and then allow the grassroots organization to carry it out. After which time they will offer guidance and support, from within their formal structure, but the local organization will be
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