Changing Mindsets

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One thing you could change about the world In this generation that I live in now, one thing I could change about the world would be to change the way teenagers mindsets are now. I understand that everyone has different mindsets but the way people think nowadays, sometimes bother me. It doesn’t bother me because I let it but it bothers me because people don’t realize most things doesn’t have to be said and done to others. There are plenty of things I would change about the world but for now, this may consider to be the main thing to change. Teenagers have this mindset where they think whatever they say won’t hurt anybody’s feelings. In the generation I live in, most teenagers doesn’t care too much for what they say to others, how the treat others or how they talk about others. It seems to get worse generation by generation because of the changes that are…show more content…
I know how the teenagers in my generation thinks and people doesn’t need to be judged. Judging someone because they don’t have something or because they don’t look like you doesn’t mean they have to be judged. There are teens that have mindsets as I do such as teens shouldn’t be treated this way or that teens doesn’t deserve to be treated this way. There are mindsets where teens feel like because they’re treated this way, they have to commit suicide or think they don’t deserve to have friends. They think that because they’re treated in a manner like this, why live? Why be at school? Why go outside? No teen should have a mindset where they think they don’t belong here on earth. I understand that not everyone has the same mindset as I do and I understand that not every teen treat others in a badly manner but in all respect, every teen doesn’t deserve to be treated wrong or talked about. It goes back to the saying “treat others how you want to be treated.” This would be the number one thing I would change about the world in today’s
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