Changing My Wardrobe by Deb Hanrahan

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Lindsey Ames, a soon to be high school freshman, views her new school as an opportunity to start over. With the help of her new established friends, Teeny and Grouper, she believes that a change in her wardrobe will eliminate her image that was so haunting and discomforting in the past. Lindsey is successful for a while until her worst possible nightmare appears, her long-time adversary, Avery. The same spoiled bully that ruined her whole middle school life, now reminds Lindsey of her place. As the book continues, the main character’s coping strategies begin to be visible to the reader. Lindsey and her friends, without including the adults, struggle to manage the bullying. Despite this immutable problem, there are other things on Lindsey’s mind. She wants to join the National Honor Society, she wants to take Italian, she wants a cute boy to ask her out, but most of all she wants to change her reputation. However, this does not happen so quickly. As tensions rise, Lindsey faces the complex nature of bullying, and experiences the ups and downs of life as a high school teen.

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One major conflict that Lindsey faces in the novel is bullying. She experiences her bullying from her long-time nemesis, Avery. Avery is Lindsey’s worst nightmare. Everything Avery says, everything she does makes Lindsey feel weak, unconfident and miserable. Avery has many tricks up her sleeves, she knows how to make someone’s life a torture chamber. For example, In P.E class Avery

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