Changing Nature of the Family over Past 50 Years

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Changing nature of family over the last 50 years.-
In many industrialized countries, people are increasingly turning away from traditional family patterns. They are adopting new roles for family members and various kinds of family structures. Many of these changes reflect scientific, economic, and social developments and changing attitudes. For example, modern birth control methods enable couples to limit the size of their family and to space their children. Many young people are postponing marriageand childbearing, and many couples want to have fewer children than people had in the past.
The number of employed married women has been growing dramatically in industrialized countries. In the United States, for example, the percentage of
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Various public welfare agencies offer guidance and economic aid. Other organizations counsel family members who have a specific problem. There are also groups to aid runaway children or battered children and wives.
Many people tend to view the family as separate from society. They think all family problems can be solved by dealing only with the family. They fail to realize that the family is part of society and that society influences family life. Such social problems as drugs, poor housing, and unemployment directly affect family life.
Increasingly, sociologists are finding that alcoholism, child abuse, runaway children, unhappy marriages, and certain other family problems are related to problems in society. They believe that such family problems can be reduced by dealing with the social conditions that help promote them. For example, programmes that create new jobs, improve housing, or restrict drug trafficking help support family life. With the existence of such programmes, the family is no longer solely responsible for overcoming all the social problems that affect
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