Changing Perception Of Animal Rights

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Changing Perception of Animal Rights My cultural immersion is season three, episode three of 30 Days, Animal Rights. I am employed in agriculture and have been for the last 12 years. Those who are involved with farming operations believe in animal rights, but those rights are different than what was portrayed in this video.I have taken stand against anti-farming measures and harshly against The Humane Society of the United States and PETA. Finding faults and misstated facts with the propaganda with these to organization. My new stance would be uncomfortable, as I do not view them as the good guys. The stance I am going to be will force me outside of the dominant culture that I live in. My Grandfather 's dream as child was to farm. That dream became a reality in the 1960s. Raising his family, which included my mother, on the family farm. Economic turmoil that proceed the 1980s Midwest Farm Crisis forced him to sell his dream in the late 1970s. I spent my childhood with him detailing his idealized view of the farming which included his love of it as child and the greatest goal he could achieve as a first generation American was to own a farm. In 2004 I was presented an opportunity in the corporate office of agriculture cooperative, MFA Incorporated. By this time my beloved Grandfather was suffering for dementia but was able at time to grasp where I was working, he would swell with pride that I had gone in the direction of agriculture. My grandfather passed in May of

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