Changing Perspective Of ' Circe 's Power '

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Changing Perspective in “Circe’s Power” History proclaims Odysseus a hero. After the Trojan War, he and his men journeyed the seas for years to return to their homeland. The men encountered many challenges in the islands as well as the sea. Many of the obstacles in the sea included vile monsters or odious villains. One of these was the guileful sorceress Circe, known for power of transforming men into pigs. In the late Twentieth Century, Louise Glück, a female writer, explores an intriguing theme in her poem, “Circe’s Power.” Glück exposes an unaccustomed perspective of the infamous sorceress, Circe, with various writing techniques and word choice. The poem dramatizes the conflict of Circe, the speaker, attempting to contradict appearance from reality, especially in how people perceive her. To highlight the theme of appearance verses reality, the poem contains multiple words, associating with the sense of sight. The speaker places six sight verbs throughout the poem: “look” (3), “disguise” (5), “showing” (11), “saw” (12), “foresaw” (16), “sees” (21). The words draw the reader’s attention to appearance by repeating verbs connected to sight. The speaker criticizes men’s appearance, straying people from reality. The speaker claims, “I’m sick of your world / That lets the outside disguise the inside” (4-5). Circe challenges the audience to discern individuals beyond the surface level; and with that ability, the reader begins to comprehend Circe’ justification for “mak[ing] them

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