Changing School Grade To Year-Round Education

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Researchers have found that home life plays a very important role in how kids learn. Barbara Heyns, tested students at the end of the year and at the beginning of the next year in order to see if the summer months caused this achievement gap to widen. She found “that gaps in skills grew quickly during the summer in between, when school was out” (Downey and Gibbs 349). Based on this research, Downey and Gibbs conclude that school actually lessens the gap because students retain more during the school year than in the summer months where the gap widens. The obvious solution then, is to change the school year to year-round education, however researchers found that students learned about the same amount in both school rotations (Downey and Gibbs 346-351).…show more content…
“Can Schooling Contribute to a More Just Society” by Michael A. Apple is about how he thinks education reform should progress. The article begins with a story of a child crying because he must repeat fourth grade. Apple tells us that the child, Joseph worked hard and improved over the course of the year, however he failed two classes. Based on the school’s rules, Joseph must repeat the year. Ultimately, holding students like Joseph back make the school look like they are really trying to educate their students (Apple 353-354). However, he says “we do not exist on a level playing field” therefore, policies will likely benefit wealthy people rather than the poor inner city students (Apple 355). Apple claims that the Right conservatives have combined the economic world, the social world and the political world to gain strength and push their views. Acknowledging how well the Right can pull people to their cause is something to admire, although Apple thinks we should critically evaluate their agendas. He ultimately puts out the idea, if the Right can get all these votes why can’t the Left (Apple
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