Changing Sides Essay

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On a peaceful day in Orange County there was a girl named Vanessa. She was that one girl who was always alone, barely any friends and only a mom left. She always had an aura of depression and death around her. She has seen death one to many times for her liking. She was always getting bullied by this girl. Becca. Vanessa has a fear that know one really knows about until fate decided to have a turn...

Steven was having a great day he had 100% shooting in his basketball game. He always was the popular kid in school with the most popular athletic apparel. He has red hair, is very tall, and he is 14. He has bright green eyes and huge feet. He never gets bad grades, he sounds like a perfect kid, almost. His best friend is a bully, Becca.
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And also because Becca just wanted to show that Steven was hers.
Vanessa took the last step off of the bus. The doors swooshed behind her, and the instant they closed, the bus took off. To the left of her, she saw Becca and Steven chatting away. Or maybe just Becca talking off Steven’s ear. She sighed. It was obvious to anyone who paid attention, that Steven did not care to have a girlfriend. He just wanted sports. But Becca still tried hard to impress someone, that clearly wasnt impressed. Either way she felt bad for the poor boy.
Becca caught Vanessa staring. Oh no you don’t you little gothic prick. She thought. She turned to Steven. “Ill see you in class.” and without waiting for his response, she took off in a hurry to catch up with Vanessa.
Vanessa was by her locker just hanging around. There was still ten minutes before the bell rang to go to first hour. Since Vanessa didn't have any friends, she just stood by her locker or in the bathroom. Wherever it wasn't crowded. Peeking up from her Ipod, she gets a glance of Becca coming towards her at lightening speed. Oh no…
Before Vanessa can even think, Becca is in her face. Right in front of her. “What exactly do you think you are doing staring at my boy?!” She spits in her face.
“He’s not your boy. Look at his face when you talk off his ear. All he cares about right now is sports. I feel bad for him.” Vanessa replies calmly.
“Well stop it. Hes
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