Changing Society Research Paper

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The purpose of this essay is to explore the topic of a changing society and all the aspects it involves, as well as persuading the audience. There are a lot of factors that have contributed to the change of society over the years, in different fields, such as freedom, science, environment, and technology. Starting with freedom, practices such as the Civil Rights Movement and the facts for Women's rights have impacted our society greatly and, in my opinion, in a positive way. Changes in our environment are prominent as well, but the development of factories and the use of natural resources have deteriorated our planet. The development of science has improved living in many areas, and the introduction of medicine and contraceptives have had…show more content…
Methods of transportation have made habitation in certain parts of the world possible, and trade between different nations have been improved as well. Our society is now really focused on technology, which has impacted almost every area of our every day life. Most of us can say that life would be impossible without things like the internet, and for me is true. Being in online school has changed my perspective on technology, and thinking about it, my education is based on technology and an artifact that was not crucial in education many years ago.

All these aspects have impacted society greatly and our world is not the same as it was years, centuries ago. It has evolved in many different ways in many more fields than discussed. Introduction of technology and many practices that take place now have affected our society in both negative and positive ways. My point is, society now is not the same as society then, and this is still a developing process. The world is still changing and new innovations are introduced every day, a lot of which will be considered necessary to human
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