Changing The Changing Of The Seasons

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Changing of the Seasons Every season changes the look of the world differently. Some seasons make the environment bloom while other seasons put the environment to rest for a period of time. Seasons change from the blazing sun of summer, to the vivid colors of the fall, and then the freezing snow of winter. Many people vary in which season they relish the most, but I enjoy three of the four seasons Mother Nature has to offer. I savor the time during the summer, fall, and winter that I get to spend with family and friends. Nothing compares to the scorching heat of summer, the chilling breeze of fall, or sub-zero temperatures of the winter. I’m a huge fan of the summer, fall, and winter. Winter is the most wonderful time of the year. The white snow covers the ground like white fluffy blanket. I stay indoors in the warm heat and enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate with family and friends. I look out the window into the bright light made by the crystal white snow and the shining sun. I walk outside in the frigid cold wrapped up in multiple layers of clothes to protect me from the harsh winter winds. The town is at a silent stand still as snow covers all the roads. I pick up a handful of snow, and take a bite it tastes like a flavorless sno-cone. I walk a couple blocks to see dozens of little kids riding sleighs down the icy slopes of Main Street. I make my way back home, but I could hear a loud screeching noise almost as if someone was using a jackhammer. They were finally

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