Changing The Driving Age To 18 Essay

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Sweet 16 is all about getting the perfect car, having the biggest party, and looking forward to the months/days until receiving the best thing any teenager could ask for right? Well so it used to be. Today there have been many talks about changing the driving age from 16 to 18. Although rising the driving age could possibly have many pros, there also is very many cons to the situation. In my opinion, changing the driving age is a terrible idea because, when you turn 18 you go off to college and that would mean very inexperienced drivers leaving home for the first time, not everyone can rely on their parents to transport them around until they’re legally considered adults, and finally being in high school is all about responsibilities and driving …show more content…

Rising the driving age would not only stress teenagers out it will put a financial burden on their parents. Many people say 16 is too young to operate a motor vehicle. In my opinion 16 is the best age to start learning the rules of the road and learning the responsibilities that come with driving. Raising the driving age would mean that 18 year olds would have to learn to move out on their own away from home, start looking for career paths they would like to take in life, and on top of all of that learn the rules of the road. I feel as if that is way too much to take on all at once. Furthermore, not everyone’s parent can afford/be able to transport them around that long. A lot of 18 year old get jobs, go to sporting events, and attend high school until graduation. Parents can’t and shouldn’t be forced to drive their “adult” around wherever they need to go and take time out of their day or work schedule because the state feels that being 16 or 17 is way too you to drive. I feel as if 16 year olds are old enough to work, then they should be old enough to take themselves to and from

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