Changing The Lives Of Abused Children

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“Changing the Lives of Abused Children” By: Hannah Kress 24 October 2014 Mrs. Chandler English 4/ College Readiness Hannah Kress Mrs. Chandler English 4 24 October 2014 Changing the Lives of Abused Children Many young children in the school system today, have the appearance of happiness and carefree living, but appearances can be deceiving! Students walk down the halls every day with their peers, never knowing what goes on after the dismissal bell rings, and they go their separate ways. There are many who go home to dinner with their families, normal family time, and a safe place to sleep at night, but others don’t. Many are afraid to face their families, they fear of being physically, mentally, or sexually abused. These are reasons that I have made the decision to become a Counselor for Abused Children. A Child Abuse Counselor’s role is, but not limited to, the safety of the minor in the household. “Child abuse counseling is a special field of counseling that focuses on treating children that have suffered at the hands of a trusted loved one.” ( I have looked into the eyes of a hurting child and because of this; I made my decision to become a counselor to help those in need. I made this decision after spending one week of my summer for three years assisting with “The Royal Family Kids Camp.” This was a camp that my dad had started back home in West Virginia to help the abused foster
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