Changing The Team Culture And Improve Performance

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Changing the Team Culture to Improve Performance Carol Greene’s team is currently under the consistent recognition of being less concerned about themselves and their comfort, and instead be more conformed towards providing better service to their patients and working together with their subordinates. The current condition of the team suggests that they are more focused on how they would be able to do their jobs under comfortable circumstances. Nonetheless, Greene had to make sure that this system changes especially for the sake of improving the services that her team provides to the stakeholders [primarily to their patients while also reaching the goals set for them to accomplish by the administrators]. The challenge that Greene faces at present includes the need to change the culture of the people; a matter of attitude that they have already been used to. Relatively, this means that when it comes to redirecting her people, she needs to make sure that she can gradually bring them into a new sense of realizing their role [apart from what they have been used to] (Collings, et al, 2009). Putting them in focus of their primary role is very important; as healthcare providers, they should learn to put their comfort aside to accommodate the needed comfort of their patients [which enable them to respond to the expectations of the administration towards them]. The question is, for a long time, the team has already been used to doing what they want when they want; they could

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