Changing Thought Process : Changing Thinking

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Changing thought process:
Changing thought process? Do you feel like you think more than you actually do? I guess it would be a normal thing, right? Many of us plan a huge abundant amount of stuff in our brain and we just deliver very few, sometimes it’s the time constraints that not allow us and sometimes we feel like ‘Nah, it was just a thought, I should not be saying it’-
Before we jump into how you can transform your thoughts into an inspiration, let us first brainstorm on few questions, agree or dis-agree that isn’t my motive, I just want you to consider them;
1. Do you feel thought processing is very necessary before taking decision?
2. Do you feel like good and appropriate thoughts can effectively change the decision to good or bad
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You begin to understand it when you understand the fundamentals, when you not only observe your behavior pattern but you analyze it and feel it- then you get to feel what life purely is, and then it is when you get answers to these questions.
Saying that, I would introduce you another pick point and that is “I don’t know you are aware of this thing or not, but to every intention and thought- there is not only of it, there are two parts of it that make it up and that can break it up, our thoughts are composition of content and energy”. So whenever you think of something that isn’t only thought that counts’ it’s more than that!
If you imagine you are at beach, soothing and enjoying, then you can do that, and you would picture a beach environment in your mind, of course it pops up the moment you decide to think of it as our brain is very intelligent in picturing what we think- that part is basically the content, that is as you can take it in computing language “data”, but where does that energy part comes in? It’s when you use your imagination power to a more extent, it’s when you absorb yourself completely in that beach picture and start to energize yourself virtually as if you are physically sitting at a beach.
Now that content portion is just a rough data, it won’t have any emotion attached to it, this definition of content is simply a generalization to help us better comprehend the energy component, this model will be
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