Changing Thought Process : Changing Thinking

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Changing thought process:
Changing thought process? Do you feel like you think more than you actually do? I guess it would be a normal thing, right? Many of us plan a huge abundant amount of stuff in our brain and we just deliver very few, sometimes it’s the time constraints that not allow us and sometimes we feel like ‘Nah, it was just a thought, I should not be saying it’-
Before we jump into how you can transform your thoughts into an inspiration, let us first brainstorm on few questions, agree or dis-agree that isn’t my motive, I just want you to consider them;
1. Do you feel thought processing is very necessary before taking decision?
2. Do you feel like good and appropriate thoughts can effectively change the decision to good or bad in opposite case?
3. Do you think, it is only the thought that counts?
4. Do you think, thinking pattern also affect us the intensity of thoughts?

Some few years ago, if you were to ask me these questions, I might have ended up answering them Yes or No, but that doesn’t matters- remember as I said your answers are Yes or No- that is a separate thing, but if I am to ask you to justify your answer “If you said Yes to any one, why you said? Was there any experience that made you think so? But if it is then why that experience does made you to think exactly like that?”
Now, you see there is a philosophy in everything, this life is not just about surviving or thriving, no it’s more than that, but it’s an entire enigma, and solution to that only…
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