Changing Trends Of Business Intelligence

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Changing Trends in Business Intelligence A combination of market forces and changing business needs is creating a new set of challenges for businesses of all sizes in the modern business world. These challenges make it imperative to provide improved access to real time data and insights, and new ways to work across mobile and dispersed teams so that employees can take action in real time to be successful. Legacy Business Intelligence tools, which more than 70% of companies today use, are becoming obsolete as they do not align with the needs of businesses today. These cumbersome and highly centralized systems cannot support increasingly dispersed teams that need access to information to take key strategic decisions that help run the business. As a result, an increasing number of corporate decision makers are turning to a next generation, easy to use real time cloud based analytical tools to achieve their business objectives. Organizations today are looking forward to partnering with cloud service providers to help them manage information and provide better access to information and tools to manage information. 3M was faced with this decision as they approached a time in their business where multiple systems were being used and not one area was tracking. The sales representatives were not able to take over work from another easily and the customer tracking was not up to the speed of the competitors. They began their search for a customer resource management tool (CRM) that
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