Changing Trends That Will Affect The Way Businesses Conduct Business

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Within the next decade leadership and organizational strategy will see many changing trends that will affect the way businesses conduct business. Education Management Corporation (EDMC) is the parent company of the Art Institute of California – Sacramento, a for-profit university (Education Management Corporation, 2015). The Sacramento campus is just one out of the thirty-seven campuses spread out throughout the United States and Canada (Art Institute, 2015). This university’s campus opened in 2007 and currently has programs of study in Culinary, Media Arts, Graphic Design, Fashion, Game Art, Web Art and Design and Photography. It currently offers diploma/certificate programs, and Associate and Bachelor degrees, which are accredited by…show more content…
26). The Art Institute of California – Sacramento’s organizational structure is based on the idea that one main goal, helping students to succeed, can be carried out throughout different departments to make sure that the strategy, vision and mission is carried out. The Art Institute of California – Sacramento’s workforce is very diverse. Many different ethnicities, cultures, and demographics represent the campus at every level. The ratio of men to women staff and faculty is also pretty even. The student population is also very diverse. The diversity is the same as the workforce but the student population also has a socioeconomic diversity since some student come from lower income families and some from higher income. The student body is also compromised of more men then women. This could be due to the types of programs that the Art Institute of California – Sacramento offers. One of the biggest advantages that The Art Institute of California – Sacramento has is that is a very technology driven campus. Many of the programs offered rely heavily on technology. Due to this, the technology at the campus is constantly getting upgrade to be able to provide students with the best hardware and software to learn with and allow them to succeed. Since the Sacramento campus is just one of thirty-seven
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