Changing Trends in Sexual Orientation

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Changing Trends in Sexual Orientation
According to Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary, sexual orientation refers to the inclination of an individual with respect to heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual behavior. The famous Kinsey Reports by Alfred Kinsey (1948) claims that about 10% of American adults are homosexual. This astonishing figure is often presented as fact but is often criticized to be highly overestimated by academia. (Refer to Appendix 1 for figures presented by other institutes). Studies by National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles reviews that lesbian increased from 2.8% in 1990 to 9.7% in 2000 while gay reported to rise from 5.3% in 1990 to 8.4% in 2000, depicting upward trends that are consistent with reports
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Another impact brought by this changing trend is the introduction of same-sex marriage (Appendix 3). Below is a world map depicting the legality of homosexuality in various part of the world.

Dark Sides
As legal issues pertaining to homosexual have received more national attention, courts around the world have been reconsidering gays’ and lesbians’ rights in parenting and custody cases. But the general assumption that homosexual parents have adverse effects on the psychological and social development on a child makes it extremely difficult for gays and lesbians to become parents. However, the validity of this assumption is highly disputable as both parties claim to have statistical evident.

On top of that, the greater willingness of people to be truthful about their sexual orientation has brought repercussion. Their visibility has invited the attention of anti-gay activists. Gay rights movements are often accompany by anti-gay rallies and many religious bodies have also express disapproval at this new sexual trend (Figure above). Homosexuals are also more susceptible to hatred assault compared to their straight counterpart. According to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), 13% of the hate crimes occurred in U.S is targeted at homosexuals; sharp increase due to greater number of people who come out of closet.

Reports also assert that homosexuality is triggering HIV escalation.

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