Changing from Legal Practice to Healthcare Administration

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Changing from Legal Practice to Healthcare Administration
A personal change I experienced that was very challenging emotionally and psychologically was a career change from legal practice to healthcare administration. The decision for a career change happened in 2007 after a near death experience in Cameroon, my home country, during a short vacation. During my vacation, a health scare got me to a local area hospital that had only one attending physician and 20 nurses to take care of approximately 200 patients. The physician happened to be the chief administrator of the hospital and juggled both responsibilities simultaneously. Due to mass shortage in healthcare professionals from my observation and country reports (Amani, 2010) there is
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Thus, it was difficult to keep the motivation to pursue a change in a new career despite my negative health experience in Cameroon. Lack of motivation is a fundamental barrier to change according to NHS (2007). This is because external factors can drive motivation and change behavior such as incentives (for example, wage increase, or penalties). In my case, the decision for change was made difficult by annual salary increase, which progressed my career pursuit in the legal field as opposed to starting all over in a new field.
Among groups of people, lack of motivation for change can preclude them from consenting to the change initiative-which translates to no buy-ins. Usually, the justification for lack of motivation for change by a group of people is that change obliges them to agree to what they did not partake in designing. Thus a change agent needs to help people not only get motivated, but to participate from the conception through design and implementation to monitoring for outcomes (GCU, 2011). According to GCU, the buy-ins is likely to take place when participants have gotten the chance to be involved in all the stages of the change process.
From the NHS article and GCU’s innovative techniques to change management, I would have focused on internal factors such as my own self-motivations, drives, and desires to improve upon the situation in Cameroon’s
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