Changing the Image of Minorities in Ameria

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So the question is asked, “What will you do personally to improve the image of Black Males in America?” I believe by breaking the stereotype of black males will be a start on changing or improving the image of African American Males. With stereotypes, it tends to put a heavy label on individuals which becomes hinderous to success. So, the image of black males according to different sources such as, the news, and media in general, from displayed actions of some individuals; claims to think that black males have lack of male role models, simple-minded, behavioral issues, negative influences, and the list goes on and on. I know that, not everyone is alike in life. Everyone has a designated path they choose to follow and with those choices…show more content…
So if black males were to change their minds and attitude then their altitude would go to greater heights. Due to circumstances such as financial situations, environments we live in, and etc. Black males tend to not think highly of achievement. So we have to change from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. As we approach a challenge we might encounter a voice that say’s, “Are you sure about this? You probably aren’t fit for it.” “What if you fail – you’ll be a failure.” As this voice inside us tries to set us back, we need should take it as a setup. It is an advantage on our part because, we have the chance to take negative criticism and turn it into positive criticism. How we interpret challenges, setbacks, and criticism is totally up to us. We can interpret them in a fixed mindset as signs that are fixed abilities and talents need improving. Or we can simply interpret them in a growth mindset as signs that we need to ramp up our strategies and effort, stretch our self, and expand our abilities. So as we approach a challenge, our fixed mindset says, “Are you sure you can do it?” The growth mindset answer says, “I’m not sure I can do it now, but I think I can learn to with time and enough effort.” Over time our mind becomes completely under our submission and will. Whether we take on challenges wholeheartedly, learn from set backs and try again, hear negative criticism and act on it in our own hands. We have to learn to tune the distracting voice out and overcome

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