Channels and Intermediaries of Cookie Craze

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Channels and Intermediaries There are three main channels for Cookie Craze. The first channel is a direct-to-consumer channel that consists of an on-site store at our bakery. This channel is expected to drive a considerable amount of business, probably the majority of our sales initially. The other two channels, both coming under the umbrella of "wholesale", are through grocery outlets and restaurants/coffee shops. The grocery channel will primarily consist of individually packaged cookies, and gift boxes of cookies, that the stores will sell at mark-up to their customers. Restaurants and coffee shops will make the cookies available to their customers as a menu item. The direct to consumer channel by definition has no intermediary, other than the front-of-house staff at Cookie Craze. The grocery store and restaurant channels will not initially have an intermediary either. It is expected that in the early stages of the business (in other words, the foreseeable future), these customers will all be local firms. They will either pick up the cookies at Cookie Craze, or will arrange for delivery. Most likely, Cookie Craze will handle delivery itself. Initially the company does not expect to need a separate driver for this, but at some point in the future options like hiring a driver or using a local courier service might be examined. There will not be, however, any wholesaler, as there is no conceivable reason why Cookie Craze cannot handle its own local distribution. Should

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