Chaos In Masks

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When selecting the optimal theme for my mask, the one that really stood out to me was chaos. Distinctly, the choice to select chaos was partly biased due to the fact that I could brainstorm various various scenarios where chaos nearly overwhelmed, but over time I discerned that everyone encounters a situation in where the chaos interfering with their life simply leaves them confused. From the beginning of my life to this day itself, I have experienced obstacles such as depression/anxiety due to numerous barriers such as family, friend, and health problems. When meticulously observing the different theme options, I also sensed that fear would be a great representative to use for my mask as it also connected with my life, but it just didn't provide…show more content…
The color choices I decided to use for my mask include red, purple, and black. The upper left and right half are filled in with red and purple and the chin is filled in with black to exhibit how the hidden meanings behind red and purple really contribute to the feelings that black conveys.Purple has been shown to convey a sense of confusion. Red has been shown to convey a sense of anger. Anger and confusion both can lead to a scenario of extreme chaos. Chaos can lead to a lot of mystery and fear. Mystery and fairly are evidently sensed through the color of black.I also used different symbols to additionally represent the theme of chaos. These symbols include a shell/conch, question marks,exclamation points,and the symbol of chaos itself. The conch is actually shown in LOTF to prevent chaos, so I predicted it would be quite imaginative to use it as a symbol. I also use question marks and exclamation points as when people feel confused or angry, they decided to utilize punctuation such as question marks and exclamation points to convey their confusion and anger. Lastly I used the symbol of chaos as this is the symbol that was conceived by Michael Moorcock himself. Artistic techniques that I used to improve the quality of this mask were drawing and
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