Chaos On Campus : A College Student Life

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Chaos on Campus
A college student life can be described as ultimately crazy. Why you may ask? Well, to start off with, their reckless and immature. They don’t think straight especially when their under a lot of pressure by friends, teachers, society, and even themselves. If it wasn’t crazy enough for them, imagine if the law allowed students to carry around a gun while going to college, things would go to crazy to a disaster in a matter of minutes. Everyone attending college, such as students, teachers, administers, etc. will be in danger. After all, it doesn’t take much for a person to snap considering they’re under pressure or can be in a drunken state of mind at a party when things go wrong.
Some argue, for example, David Burnett, thinks that allowing guns onto campus can put students or faculty and staff in safety because it can give “potential attackers a pause and give innocent victims a fighting chance” (qtd. in Skorton and Altschuler 629). While, yes, it is quite true, it can also put the students or staff in danger and/or they wouldn’t feel at ease too. According to Students For Concealed Carry, others believe that training isn’t necessary when getting a gun because “concealed handgun license holders are not charged with protecting the public” (650). I, however, completely disagree, because accidental shooting can most likely accrue without proper training. With or without the law of allowing students or faculty and staff to carry around a gun in campus, both

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