Chaos Theory and Its Benefit for Today's World

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When management theorists talk of ‘difficult times ahead ' they seem to be talking of market conditions, macro and micro, which are rapidly evolving, an environment which is unpredictable, uncertain, and uncontrollable. A kind of chaos. Thus, if the world is becoming a place which is forever changing, and organisations find that they cannot plan for the long run, or predict the market forces which they will ‘inevitably ' be subjected to, then can management theory provide guidance and inspiration which will help them survive this chaos?

Well, ‘the true objective is to take the chaos as given and learn to thrive on it. The winners of tomorrow will deal proactively with
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(1987), Thriving on Chaos: Handbook for a Management Revolution. Vermont, p50). Thus, there seems a need for organisations to be, or become, more and more dynamic, and ever evolving in their customer focus, relationships, and consumer products and services.

It does seem, however, too prescriptive to be able to achieve all this for all organisations, all of the time. There are probably real (as opposed to theoretical) factors which would prevent such policy or approach from being fully implemented. For example, the lack of expertise, lack of funding, and lack of capital resources are all factors which may act against the achievement of the overall customer responsiveness goal. An organisation may have all the will in the world, but not the means to realise that will.

The assumption is that members of the organisation will embrace this new customer responsive ethos. This may never happen and so the prescribed approach would be futile. However, for an organisation which may find itself in a position of losing touch with its customers and falling behind its rivals, Peters ' proactive approach to customer focused management strategy here could provide some inspiration. It is left to the skill of the implementer of the new approach to infuse this vision in to the character of the organisation. Thus, belief in the customer responsive ethos is essential. Through his 10 prescriptions (Peters, T. (1987) Thriving on Chaos: Handbook

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