Chaotic Based Voice Encryption Technique Essay

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Chaotic based Voice Encryption Technique
Voice encryption system in wireless communication became very important. The advancement of modern wireless telecommunication and multimedia technologies makes a huge amount of sensitivity voice information travel over the open and shared networks. Voice based communication becomes prominent in the application areas of military, voice over IP, e learning, voice-conferencing, telephone banking, telephone services of market securities, etc. These applications are critical broadcast regarding the protection of data integrity and authorized user privacy.
Here are two ways to encrypt the voice signal: digital and analogue encryptions. In case of digital encryption, at first the analog signal must be digitized. The resulting signal is compressed to produce stream of bits at an adequate bit rate. Then this stream is encrypted and transferred by channel. The analogue encryption, is also known as “voice scrambling” or “speech scrambling.” This way operates on the samples of voice themselves without the need for digitization and compression. The purpose of voice encryption is to convert the voice signal from the original form into unintelligible voice signal, making it difficult to decrypt this signal when the key is unknown. Note that this chapter will use “Voice” and “Speech” interchangeably.
Secure communication means that two authorized parties (transmitter and receiver parties) are communicating and do not want a third
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