Chap 1 “Wake up Addie!” I hear my mom yell from downstairs. “No!” I yell back like any 16 year old

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Chap 1 “Wake up Addie!” I hear my mom yell from downstairs. “No!” I yell back like any 16 year old would but proceed to drag myself out of bed. I stomp over to my closet and pull out a soft knit ivory abercrombie tank and a lilac maxi skirt, my grandma made for me. It has a few stains on it but it is still wearable. I pull my hair into a chic messy bun and rush downstairs to eat breakfast. “Mom where are the cocoa puffs?” I scream at the top of my lungs. “Honey, it’s just cocoa puffs, grab something else or you are going to be late for school,” she replies. So I grab a toaster waffle grab my backpack and run to the bus stop. I hear the squeak of the buses brakes as it stops. The door opens and I step in quickly searching for an empty…show more content…
I speed off to History with nothing in my hands. After lots of explaining I plop into my seat with a pencil and paper from the teacher and listen to her lecture. Then I hear the screech of the loudspeaker as it turns on “Attention all faculty and students there is a tornado and our school is directly in it’s path all students and faculty please prepare yourselves for the tornado. After the screech to signal the principals message is over everything is blurry. There is a mix of crying, screaming, and chaos. I don’t know where to go what to do all I know is that I am going to die. I run up to Mrs. Allen hoping she’ll have some direction for me. I let out a bloodcurdling scream as Mrs. Allen shoves me into the ground. I close my eyes and then I fall. It feels like forever but I guess it’s only a few feet. “Brooke!,” I desperately scream. “I’m right here,” she whispers. I hug my best friend close and open my eyes. I look for light and I find a string hanging from the dirt ceiling. I pull it and I can finally see the room I am sitting in. I cringe as I feel the frigid, soggy dirt floor I am sitting on. I notice the rotting pieces of wood just barely holding this little dirt room together. There is a small wooden door on one side that I desperately want to push open, but Brooke holds me back. I want to go home where everything is familiar. I don’t want to be here in a place where nothing is right. It’s small and cramped and I can feel
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