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The actually had two chapel services that were my favorite the first was the chapel service where Ryan Nunez spoke and the second was the chapel service where Deb Wade spoke. When Ryan spoke it was a surprise to hear that guilt was an unexpected gift that God have us. Also, having Deb who is a psychologist speak to us was entirely amazing as I am fascinated with psychology. As for Ryan’s message he talked about god unexpected gift of guilt which leads to shame. He also spoke about how it is your choice to admit your sin to God and obtain repentance. An example that he used was in 2 Samuel 11 and 12 which was when David lusted after Bathsheba. Bathsheba’s husband, Uriah was in David’s army and he ended up killing him in a way. He sent Bathsheba’s husband, Uriah to the front lines where he knew that he would be killed and this happened because David lusted after her. David felt guilt from this and eventually he felt shame. I think…show more content…
The two points that I remember were number one, which was to lose some weight inside and number two, pop pimples. What she meant by point one us that we need to lose the burden of shame which kind of correlates with what Ryan spoke about. I learned that I need to get rid of those voices that are hurtful now and anything that was said in the past. Also, I need to remember that I am not a mistake when I am feeling down, no one is a mistake and no one should ever think that they are! God loves us because he was the one who created us. Deb also spoke about some spiritual exercise that we should follow. I will try to remember these spiritual exercises in the past. I really loved this message as it seemed very relatable to me. There were times that I feel down, but because of I remembered this message I felt better. I plan remember these points in the future and remember that I am not a mistake and God loves me for who I
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