Chapo In Mexico

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This event is about El Chapo being recaptured and decided to be extradited into U.S. prison with confirmation of Mexico and United States working together to compromise the deal.
El Chapo will be charged with multiple charges such as possession of weapons, drug trafficking, and organized crimes; due to the fail attempts of the Mexican authorities keeping El Chapo from escaping authorities. El Chapo has escaped in 2001 by using a laundry cart to escape, and also a underground tunnel back in July of 2015. Mexico decided that El Chapo should be extradited to prevent flaws of attempts in their security. Not only has El Chapo make Mexico look bad but he has gained United States attention of the multiple escapes; they are trying to prevent El Chapo from getting his help from his cartel and people who is on his payroll. Mexican government is trying to prevent the symbol of corruption and how El
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They plan to keep El Chapo in custody and preventing locations of where he is being held. El Chapo has also been in contact with people from United States such as Sean Penn who was gathering information for Rolling Stone magazine. In the report El Chapo has confronted that he runs the drug ring and is actually the biggest supplier in the whole entire world. During confrontation United States has now videotape evidence of multiple convictions and evidence to be extradited also. Mexican attorney general’s office is also taking advancements of moving towards this extradition forward so El Chapo Guzman can face the multiple charges upfront in United States soil where they can seize him from leaving authorities again. Media is also once again having a toll on this event as they have been covering El Chapo’s steps ever since he came into custody. In my opinion I think El Chapo should be extradited into United States; because not only has he caused trouble for drug trafficking in Mexico, but he has also affected United
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