Chapter 1. “Alright, Henry, My Boy, This Is It!,” Professor

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Chapter 1 “Alright, Henry, my boy, this is it!,” Professor E Gadd cheered excited,”there’s been a massive burst of paranormal activity sighted in the…let’s see here...,” he turned to the computer on the wall typing frantically, “ah yes, A massive burst of paranormal activity has been sighted in, non other, then the cellar,” he finished. The cellar. Out of all of the places, the cellar. I had shivers go right down my spine so fast I almost knocked something over in the professor’s lab. “Hopefully this doesn’t end up like last time…,” E Gadd zoned out in thought. Last time. What happened last time I thought shakely. I was trembling in fear. “Ehem, excuse me for thinking out loud,” E Gadd said in a “pay attention” kind of voice. “But we have…show more content…
Everything was on the opposite side. Would this change anything? Was this a trap? Already sweating I slowly turned to the door next to me. I reached for the door knob. Seconds felt like minutes as my fingers got closer to the knob. “RING, RING, RING!” I jumped so hard I almost jumped right out of my overalls. The fierce buzz of the dual-screen didn’t help either. It was E. Gadd trying to contacting me. “HENRY!!,” He hollered urgently through the DS. “There some information I must tell you!” He fixed his glasses,” Alright, there seems to be a heat signature in the cellar other than you. And you know ghost don’t give off heat.” He continued, “And right after you left I checked the security footage from early and found your brother Steven being dragged into the mansion. I’m 99% positive that that the ghost are holding him hostage.” I’ve always looked up to Steven. He had always been the guy to save the princess and he was the good guy of the story. everyone loved him. I was his younger brother. I’m not very skilled in the whole “saving the princess” thing but I’ve always wanted to help him. But now, they have Steven, my brother. I have to save him. “You know what this means right Henry? You have to save him,” E. Gadd stated. “There was also something else on the footage.” He said shakily, “There was only one ghost dragging him in. It was a very large ghastly ball, with blood red eyes and spikes on its back.” That sounded familiar… could it be. No, it
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