Chapter 1 Ap World History Notes Essay

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Spodek Guided Notes Chapter 1
A. The Dry Bones Speak
I. Human Origins in Myth and History
- Paleoanthropology - A student of the earliest humans and the setting in which they lived.
- Humans all over the world made stories to explain origin (Before diggers came with interpretations and cussing). o They tell how and why humans came to Earth.

a. Early Myths
- Myth – An interpretive story of the past that cannot be verified historically but has a deep moral message.
- Caste – Social, economic, and ritual positions inherited at birth.

b. The Evolutionary Explanation
- Darwin went to Galapagos Islands and found various kinds of finches (birds). He argued they must’ve had a common ancestor.
- He came up with the idea of
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She had humanlike hands and could walk upright.

d. The Debate over Human Origins
- Most paleoanthropologists believe that Homo erectus appeared first in Africa and spread to Asia and then Europe.

e. Reading the Genetic Record
- Humans have used DNA to discover how humans and animals are different and when we shared common ancestors.

f. The Theory of Scientific Revolution
- Paradigm – A model of reality representing one viewpoint.

III. Humans Create Culture
- Homo sapiens sapiens – Subspecies of Homo sapiens. They developed forms of symbolic expression, apparently spiritual and cultural in nature, including burial rituals and artwork hat is sometimes stunningly beautiful and creative.

a. How did we Survive?
- Modern humans defeated all other hominids through aggression, warfare, murder, and modern humans successfully filled up ecological niche available, and made love creating humans.

b. Global Migration
- By 20,000 years ago, when ice covered much of Europe and much of Canada, virtually the whole world had been colonized. Early humans were able to spread north because water frozen into ice sheets reduced sea levels so much that land bridges appeared.

c. Increased Population in New Settlements
- Exogamy – Practice by which person has to choose partner or mate outside his or her own group or clan.
- As human population

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