Chapter 1: Asterisms Vs Constellations. One Of The Things

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Chapter 1: Asterisms vs Constellations One of the things that I found interesting in chapter one was the difference between asterisms and constellations. Growing up, there was an impression that a constellation was the pattern that the stars made at night to create a picture. But that’s not what a constellation is according to author’s Timothy Slater and Roger Freedman. They define a constellation as semi-rectangular regions that divide the night sky. (Slater) So then what are those patterns in the night sky called? Asterisms. I stand corrected. Chapter 2: The Photon and Wavelength of Light Connection Throughout the second chapter of Investigating Astronomy: A Conceptual View of the Universe, authors Timothy Slater and Roger…show more content…
Chapter 5: Magnetosphere We now that the Earth has layers in the atmosphere to protect us from the Suns light and heat. It may not be technically a “layer” of the atmosphere, but the magnetosphere also plays a role in our protection. The Sun produces something called solar wind which is basically “the flow of” “charged particles from the Sun”, writes authors Timothy Slater and Roger Freedman. (Slater) Solar wind can travel at supersonic speeds and we probably wouldn’t be here have this discussion. Fortunately for us, the magnetosphere and Earth’s magnetic field can deflect these winds. Chapter 6: Europa We sometimes hear of civilizations living on moons rather than planets in science fiction works. (For example, in the Star Wars series, an alien race called Ewoks live on the moon that orbits the planet of Endor.) This can be a fun concept for writers, but it’s nothing to really take seriously. Right? Reading about the Jovian moon Europa may make you change your mind. One of the essentials of life is water. Some of our planets display evidence of water, but what about the moons? The authors of Investigating Astronomy: A Conceptual View of the Universe discuss Europa, a Jovian moon, and the possibility of water being there. The spacecraft dubbed Galileo sent back data showing that “Europa’s infrared spectrum is a close match to that of a thin layer of fine-grain water ice frost on top of a

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