Chapter 1 - Discussion Question 5, 7, & 10. 5. Discuss

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Chapter 1 - Discussion Question 5, 7, & 10 5. Discuss how the digital revolution is impacting the ways marketers plan and implement their integrated marketing communication programs. Identify three specific technological developments and discuss how each is impacting the IMC program of companies. Over the last decade, there has been a major shift in consumers’ behavior and their responsiveness to traditional advertising. In the past, it was easier for marketers to get the consumers’ attention by advertising their products and/or services through TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers. Nowadays, people are becoming more resilient to the multiple ads and sale messages they are bombarded with every day to the point that many times, consumers…show more content…
According to George and Michael Belch, “It is estimated that over 66 percent of Americans are connected to one or more social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, and usage of them has been increasing steadily.” People are continuously trying to have more interactive media sites in which they can participate, provide feedback, share product reviews, complaints, and advices, etc. Every social network site gives them that option. Also, it is common that when consumers look for recommendations, the first people they ask are family members and friends, and many times they do it through these social media sites. Marketers have taken this as an opportunity to reach out to consumers. As part of their integrated marketing communication plan, their products are also advertised through social media sites to attract those consumers who do not spend much of their time in front of a TV, but they are all the time checking their social media accounts instead. Online TV Streaming Online TV and video streaming is another technological development of the digital revolution. People are migrating from the traditional broadcast networks to DVDs, videos on demand, and online streaming sites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. This has become so popular that even the Smart TVs, DVD systems, Blu Ray players, and video game consoles have been enabled to allow people access to these and other sites. Marketers can still advertise their products

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