Chapter 1 Essay

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Under the blanket of stars, Lady Hel watched both Loki and Thor engage the elves. Each trying to outdo the other and she yawned. “How long will you two behave like imbeciles?” She called out. “My army can do more damage, but I fear your testosterone has clouded your judgment.” Loki turned around at her quip. “Are you questioning my judgment, daughter?” She could hear the warning in Loki’s words and ignored them. “You are the one that can’t seem to shake this woman who was never to be yours, who has somehow crept under your skin. Do you think by killing them, the plan would be null and void.” “There is nothing wrong with my judgment,” he lashed out, his body taking on a bluish flame. “Your fire, though, reveals the truth. Tsk, tsk. It is…show more content…
If they reached it, nothing I did would stop the army from replenishing its forces, as the souls would serve to reanimate the elven bodies and cause them to multiply. Death would not be final, and they would be unstoppable. Call it down. I heard Loki’s voice whisper to me, just as he’d done during the training. Call it down, and make it obey your will, sunshine. Only a few feet away, I raised up my blood dripping battle axe and released the pent up cry that I’d tucked down deep inside. The ground began to shake, the clouds rumbled. And as the high priest came to collect the souls, the sonic boom from the lightning struck, scorching him and those around him. This inky blackness formed around me, and the substance moved like water mixing with oil. Suspended in the air, lightning shot from my fingertips and feet. It sizzled across the sky in the distance. You could be the most powerful being, it whispered. With no one there to stop me, I reached out to touch the eternal flame and absorbed it. Words I didn’t understand began to leave my lips, as my eyes rolled back in my head, I knew all the things—since the beginning of time, even the secrets that Odin learned at the well of knowledge. Even more, I knew where the great serpent was locked away. With a waving of my hand, a torrential rain began to fall, and the area began to quickly flood. “Midgard Serpent, Jörmungandr, your time has arrived. I summon

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