Chapter 1 Essay

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‘Can I show everyone the painting,’ Gilt asked. ‘The one Clemmie did yesterday?’
‘Oh, yes! Let’s take a look.’
Gilt spread out the painting on the table so that everyone could see. 'It’s very good. Her perspective is almost spot on. She added shade here, and here, to get a great deal of depth to the sea and shoreline.' Doctor Pax asked, 'Do you think this place is real?'
Mosaic pointed his finger at the cliffs. 'It looks like the coast near Chauntsinger. Is that a shepherd’s hut on the hillside?'
Mole shook his head. 'No, I would say it's a sea defence. A pillbox.’
‘Yes, Harmonie?’
Doctor Pax felt everyone's eyes on his back. He stopped what he was doing and slowly turned to face the room. Harmonie gave him one of those looks.
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Rations. Doodlebugs.
‘But time travel?’ Mole asked again.
Doctor Pax continued as if he had not been interrupted. ‘The time-rift caused a change in our history, and I believe the events which led to Clemmie’s death caused a time-rift. Because of this, we felt the tremors when she came through Heartsease. And her dog Clog.'
‘Yes, but…’
‘Do you remember the news headlines from six months ago? There was a fire at Rainbow Manor, not far from here. The house burnt to the ground and all the people died.’
‘Oh, yes! I remember that. I was so shocked!’ cried Mrs Tiffin.
‘Yes indeed, it shocked us all. I ran a search on my computer and do you know the name of the last person who went through Heartsease at the Manor? Before the house burnt down?’
‘No, but…’
Doctor Pax slapped his pad on the table which made everyone jump.
‘His name was Ellis Jewel. Clemmie’s granddad.’
‘No way!’ said Spud.
‘The person who ran Rainbow Manor was a good friend of mine. He rang me up a few days before he died and told me about some tremors they had. Tremors the same day Mr Jewel came through Heartsease.’
‘Do you think he started the fire?’ asked Mrs Tiffin.
Mole grimaced and said, ‘I told the police but they have found no proof.’
Mosaic asked. 'Does that mean Mr Jewel also travelled in time? Did he cause the time-rift, and not Clemmie?’
‘I don’t know. It’s strange they both came through Heartsease but at separate times. What I

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