Chapter 1 Essay

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Chapter 1 Review

1. List three areas where health care practitioners can gain insight through studying law and ethics.
The three areas are the rights, responsibilities, and concerns of health care con summers. The legal and ethical issues facing society, patients, and health care practitioners as the world changes. The impact of rising cost on the laws and ethics of healthcare delivery.

2. Define summary judgment.
Summary judgment is the legal term for a decision made by court in a lawsuit in response to a motion that pleads there is no basis for a trial because there is no genuine issue of material fact.

3. Define bioethics.
Bioethics is a discipline dealing with the ethical implication of biological research
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Fourth, should animals ever b e used in research? Fifth, how ethical is generic research? Should the government regulate it? 11. What duties might a medical ethicist perform?
A medical ethicist might consult with physicians, researchers, and other to help them make difficult decisions. Also they will sit on the ethics committee if such a specialist is available. When a difficult decision must be made, any one of the individuals involved in a patient’s medical care can ask for a consultation with the ethics committee.

12. Decisions made by judges in the various courts and used as a guide for future decisions are called what.
It is called precedent.

13. Written codes of ethics for health care practitioners
D. None of the above.

14. What Greek physician is known as the father of medicine?
A. Hippocrates.

15. Name the pledge for physicians that remain influential today.
C. Hippocratic oath.

16. What ethics code superseded earlier codes to become the definitive guide for a physician’s professional conduct?
B. Percival’s Medical Ethics.

17. Unethical behavior is always.
C. Unacceptable.

18. Unlawful acts are always.
C. Punishable by legal means.

19. Violation of a professional organization’s formalized code of ethics.
C. Can lead to expulsion from the organization.

20. Law is
A. The minimum standard necessary to keep society functioning

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