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Chapter 1 First Look at Computer Parts and Tools

Lab 1.1 Record Your Work and Make Deliverables

Review Questions 1. What are the eight categories in the Category view in Control Panel?

Answer: System and Security

Network and Internet

Hardware and Sound


User Accounts and Family Safety

Appearance and Personalization

Clock, Language and Region

Ease of Access

2. What are the four file types that can be used to save a snip using the Windows Snipping Tool?

Answer: Portable Network Graphic file (PNG) (*.PNG)

GIF file (*.GIF)

JPEG file (*.JPG)

Single file HTML (MHT) (*.MHT)

3. The Windows Experience Index rates a computer’s performance on a scale of 1.0 to 7.9.
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How might you store that information?

Answer: Maybe a software documenting all the documentation

5. What differences, if any, are there between a list of components derived from a physical inspection versus a list of components derived from Control Panel and System Properties?

Answer: A list of components derived from Control Panel or System Properties might be wrong, because they may not list a component due to an error when installing or a missing driver and not being recognized, even when it is physically there.

Lab 1.3 Identify Computer Parts

Review Questions

1. How did you decide which expansion card was the video card?

Answer: It has ports at the end of the card

2. How did you identify the type of CPU you have?

Answer: Control Panel.

3. Does your system have much room for adding new components? What types of expansion bus slots are available for adding new cards?

Answer: The system does have room for adding new components, it has PCI slots and PCIe slots.

4. Is there space for upgrading the RAM? If there isn’t, what could you do to still upgrade?

Answer: There is one more slot for upgrading.

5. Where (specifically) would you go on the Internet to download a PDF of the motherboard or system manual? What information would be required?

Answer: The manufacturer’s website.

Lab 1.4 Identify Form Factors

Review Questions

1. Why is it important that your case and

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