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Chapter 1 of James MacCormick’s book, Nine Algorithms That Changed The Future, provides an overview of what an algorithm is and introduces the reader of the algorithms that will be discussed throughout the book. An algorithm is a precise recipe that specifies the exact sequence of steps required to solve a problem (MacCormick, 3). Algorithm requires a sequence of steps that contain the instructions on what to do. One of the key elements of an algorithm is to have a set of rules in order to perform the mathematical calculations. Another feature of algorithms is that it always works. Computer science describes how to solve a problem using an algorithm. The main purpose of the book is to explain the algorithms one’s computer uses everyday…show more content…
Chapter 7 discusses compression algorithms. Compressions are used often and sometimes we may not even be aware of it. The items we download or upload may be compressed in order to save bandwidth. Chapter 8 discusses the fundamental algorithms underlying databases (MacCormick, 7). This chapter emphasizes the techniques used to achieve consistency and to ensure that databases never contradict each other. Chapter 9 discusses the ability to ‘sign’ an electronic document digitally (MacCormick, 7). Chapter 10 discusses algorithms that would be considered great if it existed.
The two main elements that make an algorithm considered to be good are that it solves a problem and it does it efficiently. In order to measure the efficiency of algorithms, computer scientists use asymptotic analysis, which allows algorithms to be compared independently of a particular programming language or hardware. This allows us to determine that some algorithms are more efficient than others. It is important that users find good algorithms and know when to apply them. This will allow people to write important programs. For instance, google is able to transmit live videos across the internet quickly because they use audio and visual compression algorithms (“What Is an Algorithm, n.p). Another example is google maps and its feature to give us transportation instruction to get to different places is possible

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