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1. Why do we speak of ‘basic” rather than “primitive” religions? We speak of basic religion because basic religion came from prehistory or are practiced in remote places. And elements of the basic religions are found to some degree in all religions. Basic religions represent the majority of the total religious experience of humankind. While primitive religion carries with it connotations of being backward, simple, even childlike. Christian or Muslim or Jew may tend to look down on these religions as being superstitious, uncivilized, or even savage. The term is misleading in suggesting that the religions of those peoples are somehow less complex than the religions of "advanced" societies. 2. What are the two primary sources of…show more content…
5. Distinguish magic from religion Magic is attempts to influence the action of nature through special practices, dances, rituals and incantation. Magicians believe they can force nature to act as they desire. While religion is the fear or awe one fees in the presence of a spirit or god. 6. Name some taboos in modern life. How are they like those in basic societies? How are they different? Some taboos : Addiction - addiction to legal or illegal drugs, including alcoholism Homosexuality - sexual attraction or relations with people of the same gender Slavery- Humans are treated as property and made to work for no pay Suicide - the taking of one’s own life Taboos are alike in basic society because they are forbidden for the most part. In some countries what maybe a taboo in a country, may not be a taboo in another. 7. In your culture, what are the rites of passage? In my culture females are circumcised also are given mark of identity on their body. Also some tribe in my countries place facial scar on females and males when they are teen. 8. Name some examples of the ways in which basic religions resemble world religions. religious concepts and modes

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