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Molly Ball! Period 4! Mr. Rudolph! 25 August, 2014! ! Chapter 1: New World Beginnings! ! 1. How did “man” reach the New World? Why did we come?! ! When the Ice Age caused the sea level to drop, it exposed a land bridge from Eurasia to North America. Therefore, while some nomads took boats to the New World, the majority of the first nomadic Asian hunters came to the New World by walking across the land bridge, called Bering isthmus. Small bands of these immigrants continued to travel across the bridge for 250 centuries. It is thought that the first nomadic humans came across the land bridge because they were following herds of migrating game whom also took that path. ! ! 2. Why is it difficult to generalize about North American…show more content…
However, with the invention of the caravel, a mostly wind resistant ship, the Portuguese believed that if they sailed down to West Africa, the wind would take them back home. This let the Portuguese set up trading posts farther down Africa. When Bartholomeu Dias rounded the South tip of Africa, and Vasco and Gama got to India, Spain united as a country to outdo Portugal. Since Portugal had already claimed and progressed east of Africa, Spain had only one choice. To search West, and closer than ever to America. ! ! 6. Why did the Italians and the French turn down Columbus’s request for sponsorship of his voyage?! ! The Italians and the French both most likely turned down Columbus’s request for sponsorship because never before had it been presented that there might be something more to the world than Europe and Asia. The New World was unknown, and the two countries most likely did not want to risk any money or resources on going out into an ocean that they believed had nothing in it. Also, Columbus’s original reason for his journey was to find a new water route to the Indies. If the country spent money on finding a less expensive route to Asia, on which the country was making so much money, the producers would lose, while the consumers gained, which was the opposite of what the countries wanted. ! ! ! 7. How did the “Columbian Exchange” transform both the Old and New Worlds?! ! The Columbian Exchange, or the

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