Chapter 1 Review Questions Business Communications Essay

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BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS—CHAPTER 1—CHAPTER REVIEW 6. | In what ways do communication skills act as a career filter? Page 2 | Your ability to communicate will make you marketable and continue to be your ticket to success regardless of the economic climate. | 7. | Do business professionals think that college graduates today are well prepared for the communication and writing tasks in the workplace? Page 2-3 | No. It is said that many college graduates failed the writing test because there isn’t enough time to teach writing skills. | 8. | What are soft skills? Page 3-4 | Essential career attributes that include the ability to communicate, work well with others, solve problems, make ethical decisions, and appreciate diversity.…show more content…
5. Anytime, anywhere, non-territorial offices- telecommuting employees now represent 11 percent of the workforce and the number increases annually 6. Increased emphasis on self-directed work groups and virtual teams- business teams are often run by cross functional teams of peers. You may become part of virtual team whose members are in remote locations who communicate almost exclusively electronically. 7. These trends mean that your writing skills will constantly be on display those who can write clear and concise messages contribute to efficient operations and can expect to be rewarded. 7. | 11. | Describe the five steps of the communication process. | 1. sender has an idea 2. Sender encodes the idea in a message 3. message travels over a channel 4. Receiver decodes the message 5. feedback travels to the sender | 12. | List 7 barriers to effective listening. | 1. physical barriers 2. psychological barriers 3. language problems 4. nonverbal distractions 5. thought speed 6. faking attention 7. grandstanding | 13. | List 11 techniques for improving your listening skills and discuss each. Page 11-12 | 1. Stop talking-let others explain their views, concentrate on what the speaker is saying, not what your next comment will be. 2. Control your surroundings-remove competing sounds.
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