Chapter 1: The Photovaltacic Systems Essays

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Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Sun is the ultimate source of energy. Life on earth would not exist without the heat and light provided by the Sun. Harnessing the energy from the sun for hot water and electrical power could provide a renewable, low carbon energy source, and presents an attractive way of mitigating climate change. PV cell photovoltaic is the direct conversion of light into electricity. It uses materials which absorb photons of lights and release electrons charges. 1.1 Photovoltaic systems A Photovoltaic system is an arrangement of components designed to supply usable electric power for a variety of purposes, using the Sun as the power source. All photovoltaic (PV) systems are similar in nature but differ in details from each…show more content…
Fig:1.2 Block diagram representation of a grid-connected PV system Grid connected PV systems can be sub-divided into two systems: • Decentralized Grid connected PV systems • Centralized Grid connected PV systems Decentralized Grid connected PV systems In these systems, energy storage is not necessary because solar radiation provides power in the houses and if there is surplus energy it can be injected into the grid (Fig.1.3).In this case,the inverter must integrate harmoniously with the energy(voltage and frequency) provided by the grid. During night or at any instants when the PV power is inadequate,the grid can be used as a storage system and will feed the houses. Fig:1.3 Decentralized grid-connected PV systems[2] Central Grid Connected PV Systems It is a central photovoltaic power station and it is installed to systems up to the MW range.With this system,we can obtain medium or high voltage grid (Fig.1.4) Fig:1.4 Central grid connected PV systems[2] 1.2 Performance Dependents of PV systems • Technology • Ambient Conditions 1.2.1 Technology The majority of commercial solar cells are composed mainly of silicon(Si),although there are many other technologies and types of solar modules currently available and being developed.There are basically three major types
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