Chapter 1: Who Am I Today? Essay

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Chapter One: Who Am I Today?

I am excited to explore this self assessment. As Ancona, Malone, Orlikowski, and Senge (2007) argue, a successful manager is one that understands his/her weaknesses and strengths to build a network of collaboration. In other words, a manager should work to improve his/her weaknesses but also acknowledge when relying on others is essential. As Edinger (2011) notes, although weaknesses can be improved, it is of more value that a leader further improve strengths by understanding complementary skills that can be reinforced. One may be able to improve weaknesses to ensure these weaknesses are longer obstacles in the workplace, however if these weaknesses are due to one’s values and personality they
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27). Considering these characteristics, I believe I am strong in trustworthiness and credibility, however I need to use these characteristics to improve my constructive advice. At times I struggle with giving constructive criticism and feedback to peers/subordinates, as I am worried of being too straightforward where it would be taken personally. However, this holds me back from providing quality input as I am focusing on not being too blunt or off-putting that I am losing focus on the real feedback.

To me, the role of a manager is to be able to lead others to meet the goals of an organization while also providing the mentorship to assist employees in realizing their potential. As Bennis noted, “becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself; however, becoming a manager is becoming what a company wants you to become” (as cited in Toor & Ofori, 2008, p. 64). It is not enough to simply manage a specific function, creating standards and procedures, it is also necessary to engage and ignite excitement in employees. I am driven professionally to become a better leader and thus have a positive impact on others. It matters to me in a management role I do more than provide direction and maintain standards, but that I inspire others to lead and also assist in their positive professional development.

From taking the DISC personality profile assessment, I found that I am of an appraiser profile pattern. The results indicated I am high in
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