Chapter 1: the Study of Business, Government, and Society

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Chapter Review Chapter 1: The Study of Business, Government, and Society In chapter one the author lays a foundation for the information which will be shared in the following chapters. This foundation allows the reader to understand basic terminology, ideas, and relationships as it pertains to the operation of business, government and society. For a more distinct explanation of what the author helps the reader to understand; the collaborative information that the chapter provides illustrates a somewhat intangible relationship, in which we (business, government, and society) all are stakeholders. The author helps the reader understands the interactions of the stakeholders, and these interactions shape how business’ assumes social…show more content…
Think about it, there always seems to be a political twist to how the media present information. Although there are multiple media companies, most of them are subsidiaries of some major media conglomerate, and if not subsidiaries then, affiliates. We all know that it’s no conspiracy theory that the government controls information that’s provided to the public which why we never really got the complete picture what happened the immediate months preceding 9/11. What I’ve also found interesting about this model is the activity of populism. I can see how this could cause business to react in a desired way if the “movement” was large enough to be of concern. Populism has proved somewhat affective in recent political history with the “Tea Bagger”, and the “Occupy” movements. Both movements stirred up quite a bit of political pressure, causing our nation’s leader to respond. The Countervailing Model in my opinion is the most reflective of the relationship of business, government, and society (BGS) here in the United States. The model takes into account social, environmental, business, and governmental forces as influencers of business. We see this in effect with everything we do; cell phones have become major appendages to human life, and now automakers are responding by equipping their automobiles with Bluetooth capabilities. These features are makes these vehicles more convenient,
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