Chapter 10 And 12 Rw Friendships And Family

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Chapter 10 & 12 RWA: Friendships and Family You can choose your friends but you cannot choose your family members. Friendships are like voluntary relationships that are usually created to have an escape from family. Friends are a way of having someone you can relate to without having to be around them every day. Family on the other hand are forever; till death do you part. Family members may get on your nerves from time to time but they are always there when you need them at the end of the day. Though friendships and family are on different relationship levels they require the same amount of attention. In order for these relationships to survive you must invest time and effort into getting to know the other individual(s) in the relationship. During this investment time you can get closer to one another with communication, doing activities together, or both. The reason we do these things is to receive companionship, support, and affection from other human beings that understand the things that makes us who we are. But in order to receive these things we must give the same respect for the other individual(s) in the relationship; if this is not achieved the relationship would always be one-sided. Meaning you receive the emotional necessities that you need from the relationship while the other person is left high and dry with nothing. Unfortunately, I’ve had plenty of one-sided relationships in middle and high school. I was always the person you can come to in your time of

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