Chapter 10 Exam Essay

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BUS 430 – Strategic Management – Test #6 Chapter 10 – Superior Strategy Execution-Another Path to Competitive Advantage 1. | Once company managers have decided on a strategy, the emphasis turns to A. | converting the strategy into actions and good results. | B. | empowering employees to revise and reorganize value chain activities to match the strategy. | C. | establishing policies and procedures that instruct company personnel in the ways and means of executing the strategy. | D. | developing a detailed implementation plan that sets forth exactly what every department and every manager needs to do to proficiently execute the company's strategy. | E. | building the core competencies and competitive capabilities needed to…show more content…
| E. | the benefit such an organizational scheme has in making the empowerment of employees more effective. | | 7. | For decentralized decision making to be successful it is predicated on a belief that A. | top executives should establish a collegial, collaborative culture where decisions are made by general consensus on what to do and when. | B. | strict enforcement of detailed procedures backed by rigorous managerial oversight is necessary because company personnel cannot be counted on to act wisely or keep costs to a bare-bones level. | C. | decision-making authority should be pushed down to the lowest organizational level capable of making timely, informed, competent decisions. | D. | most company personnel have neither the time nor the inclination to direct and properly control the work they are performing and that they lack the knowledge and judgment to make wise decisions about how best to do their work. | E. | lower-level managers and employees should go up the ladder of command for approval on most all strategic and operating issues of much importance. | | 8. | In a highly centralized organizational structure, A. | top executive retain authority for most strategic and operating decisions. | B. | the thesis is that strict
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