Chapter 10 Of Soul Feast

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After reading chapter 10 of Soul Feast, I thought to myself what could be my rule of life? Where do I need support in my daily walk with Christ? What is it in my life that needs work and could be spiritually damaging, if not dealt with? Where do I need to be held accountable? After asking myself these series of questions, it is almost as if God spoke aloud to me. You are very Judge mental it is ugly and not of God. I said well there it is. The practice that works well for me, is the practicing Silence. I love this, I find that God can deal with me better in silence. I can hear what God is saying and what God wants me to do. In my life’s journey, I find that practicing silence is what got me where God wants me to be. In doing this God pours directly in to me, his divine plan. There was a time when I needed to know what God wants me to do. How do you want me to serve you, because that is all that I want to do. Spiritual formation teaches you to get closer to God. Learning theses disciplines taught me to find a way to get closer to him, so that I can operate in my salvation better. Meaning if you know what Gods plan is for you because your close to him, you can be more obedient to his principle and precepts. If you study his word and meditate on it daily, you can walk up right before God. Now understand this doesn’t mean you won’t fall it means you may fall less. Practicing silence is something that I will do for the rest of my life. This is a good spiritual practice to…

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